motoart-airplane-salvaged-artIt was just yesterday when we talked about how Boxed managed to fit several pieces of furniture into a tiny briefcase, which would definitely be something that even the folks over at IKEA would be suitably impressed with. This time around, we have something else related to furniture, where California-based company MotoArt has decided to make a name for themselves by designing striking pieces of furniture which have been made from different parts that hail from salvaged aircrafts.

I guess you could more or less call this modern art instead of industrial design, since all of these desks do have their fair share of unique characteristics, since the base of each of these “desks” depends on the parts of the original plane. Needless to say, each piece of such furniture is a labor of love by itself, as they do require a rather significant investment of time, with some of them touching more than 120 hours in the process. Do you think that this will kick off a whole new genre of furniture? Imagine other bits and pieces from a tank that you could use to decorate your home, no?

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