Over the past couple of weeks rumors of a 4.7 inch Nokia Lumia 625 smartphone have been circulating online. This device is reportedly said to be the first Nokia Lumia offering to break the 4.5 inch display size barrier in the Finnish manufacturers lineup. Lumia 625 has already been spotted on a Chinese website, and just yesterday it was rumored that the device will cost around $320 and will be released in Q3, 2013. Today’s rumor is related to an unnamed 6 series Nokia Lumia device, it is claimed that the smartphone will have a 720p screen which is going to be 4 inches or higher.

It obviously can’t be said for sure if the source is referring to the much rumored Lumia 625 smartphone, though that too is said to have an HD display. Since it is going to be a mid-range device, putting an HD display on it will no doubt be a good move from Nokia, considering how most mid-range smartphones available today don’t have HD displays. It is also claimed that this unnamed device will be released later this year, we’ve previously heard rumors of Nokia releasing new Lumia devices later on in this year, it seems more likely with each passing day.

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