Today Nokia HERE Drive+ and HERE Transit apps have been announced for non-Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices. The apps were previously exclusive to Lumia smartphones. Nokia’s HERE platform provides access to global voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation with offline maps, so that users can reach their destinations even when they don’t have a data connection. Users will also have the option to upgrade their coverage license in the Drive app from local to global, within the app itself. It is said that both apps will be available for download from Windows Phone Store in the coming days.

A new feature has also been added to the Nokia HERE platform. Called My Commute, its sole purpose is to improve the user’s daily commute. The feature learns daily driving habits of the user and then provides personalized and predictable commute recommendations keeping in mind the traffic situation on the route. The HERE Drive+ and Transit apps have also been updated, they’ve been enhanced while the Transit app comes with a new panorama view. The pricing information of these apps has been detailed in an official blog post.

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