EOS_1A few days ago it was rumored that the upcoming Nokia Lumia 1020 could be priced at an oddly numbered $602. It turns out that the $602 price could be what Microsoft is paying to Nokia to sell the phone at their stores, and thanks to the folks at Windows Phone Central, it seems that what regular folks can expect to pay for the phone is a familiar $699. This is of course the price of the phone off-contract, meaning that if you do not wish to be tied down for two years with a particular carrier, that’s the price you’d have to pay for “freedom”. For those who don’t mind being tied to a carrier, such as AT&T for instance, it has been suggested that the phone will be priced at $299 on-contract with AT&T.

Admittedly $299 is rather pricey and it is a price we have associated with premium phones such as the iPhone and leading Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4, but $299 for a Windows Phone? Typically one of the ways Microsoft and its OEM partners have distinguished themselves from the competition is by pricing their phones cheaper (in general) than everyone else, so for them to potentially price the Lumia 1020 at $299 is definitely a change of pace. Of course we expect that the Lumia 1020’s camera technology probably did not come cheap, but what do you guys think? Would you be willing to pay $299 on contract for the device?

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