OPPO-Windows-Phone-mockupWhen it comes to Windows Phone devices, the brand and company that comes to mind is probably Nokia, although other players such as Samsung, Huawei, and HTC do produce Windows Phone handsets as well. Now it looks like another Chinese company which we’re sure you’ve heard of, Oppo, has decided to enter the fray as well and while we’re not sure when Oppo will release their first Windows Phone device, Oppo’s Social Marketing Director Li Ying Ming has posted a series of mockups of an Oppo device running the Windows Phone operating system.

According to Li, the version of Windows Phone that will be released with the company’s device will support a Full HD 1080p display, and as you might know, Windows Phone currently does not support the resolution, going up to a maximum of 720p. It has been said that the next update (GDR3) of Windows Phone will support Full HD displays so we’re guessing that Oppo’s Windows Phone efforts will probably be released post-GDR3, so we guess we will have to wait until then to learn more about the device.

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