Now that Facebook is around, birthdays seem a lot less lonely as the majority of people tend to have a healthy number of friends who wish them a happy birthday every year. Instead of reading birthday greetings, we’re sure many of you would prefer to receive an actual in-person birthday greeting, maybe even a hug. For you huggers out there, you’re going to want to visit Outback Steakhouse to partake in their B-Day Chair.

Outback Steakhouse has teamed up with Brazilian ad agency Lew’Lara\TBWA to develop their B-Day Chair. The chair has two mechanical arms that give the person sitting in it a hug every time someone wishes them a happy birthday on their Facebook wall. The B-Day chair works by having the guest sign into their Facebook page through its attached tablet, which will then keep tabs on any birthday greetings, and proceed to hug the snot out of you. The chair even takes and uploads pictures of your reaction to the hugs, which we’re sure will result in more birthday greetings, making this vicious birthday hug cycle never-ending.

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