aa5-dlcWhile much has been said about Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, which should offer an interesting premise of a courtroom drama, where the only blood shed will be in the form of a special “pool of blood” pillow in real life (although the game itself should have some of its darker moments with an “M” for Mature rating), those who grew up on this title in the past would definitely want to have a stab against the prosecutor’s seemingly air tight case, the indecisive and (still) bald judge who tends to cower towards the direction of the prosecutor, and clients who do seem to be guilty right from the get go despite saying otherwise.

Good news then, if you are sure of picking up Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, as it seems that there will be a DLC for the title which includes a spanking new case which will fill in the holes of the plot in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, where it would involve Phoenix’s first case right after he obtains his lawyer’s badge back. The episode will be known as “Turnabout Return,” where it will hit the West apart from Japan, in addition to Phoenix, Apollo and Athena. Are you stoked yet?

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