facebook-counterfacebook-counterIt is safe to assume that any self respecting business or organization today would need to be linked to at least two social media outlets – Facebook and Twitter, if they ever want to look “decent” in the eyes of the public. It used to be just having an email address, before one requiring to have a website, and it has since moved on to this. Having said that, the number of “Likes” that a particular story or photo posted on Facebook, or in the case of a business, the Facebook page itself, can be said to be a pseudo-reflection of how popular it is in real life. How about a counter that displays the amount of actual Likes your Facebook page has in real life?

This mechanical counter was specially created to target small and growing businesses, where it has the capability of hitting a maximum of 100,000 likes, and it doubles up as an attractive yet alternative installation compared to the digital installations which larger corporations use to display their Facebook presence. Not only that, it will also help trim costs, making it an ideal addition even for a personal blogger. “Cool” is the word written all over it.

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