Fancy a 3D model of your unborn child’s face? That might sound like a pipe dream if this question was asked just half a decade ago, but in this day and age, it does not sound so silly any more. After all, 3D printing has certainly come a long way, even for the person on the street, so much so that it could pose a security risk if you happen to have the wrong intent with the right files. Well, here is a more peace loving manner of using 3D printing technology among mankind – a Japanese company has apparently successfully used ultrasound imaging technology in order to print 3D models of the faces of unborn babies, making it a precious memento for expectant parents.

This is definitely a new idea that could eventually take off in a big way if it is commercialized the right manner. After all, parents have to wait for the entire 9 months (for most folks anyways) as the baby is in the womb, so in an age where everything needs to be done in an instant, a sneak preview of your kid’s face might prove tempting enough to have you part with some more hard earned dough.

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