At this year’s E3, Microsoft’s Xbox One was undercut by Sony’s PlayStation 4 by $100, but the U.S. isn’t the only region in the world where the Xbox One was undercut by the PlayStation 4 as there’s a pricing war going on in Mexico where the PS4 undercuts the Xbox One by nearly $200.

In Mexico, the Xbox One is being priced at 8,499 pesos (about $656) while the PlayStation 4 has once again undercut Microsoft’s next generation console by pricing it at 5,839.20 pesos (about $451). That’s nearly a $200 difference in price between both consoles, and a price difference we’re sure many in Mexico will take note of whenever both are made available in their region.

Mexico’s pricing structure for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will follow suit to other Latin American countries, making this huge price difference a pretty big deal as we could be seeing a greater disparity in world-wide sales figures when all is said and done. We know if the price difference was that big in the U.S., we’re certain there would be a greater number of PlayStation 4 owners since a $200 price difference is too good to ignore.

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