Most of you would have read that Jay-Z planned to launch his new album, Magna Carta, in an entirely different way. Samsung partnered with him to provide the album exclusively to one million Galaxy owners ahead of the official launch. However things didn’t exactly pan out the way they should have, considering that the entire album was leaked online before its launch. A privacy group recently filed a complaint with the FTC alleging that Samsung collected vast amounts of user data through this app that was “unnecessary to the functioning of the Magna Carta app.” Samsung has now officially responded to these concerns, calling them “baseless.”

Reiterating that it takes customer privacy very seriously, Samsung said that any information that might have been collected through the app was “purely for customer verification purposes, app functionality purposes an for marketing communications.” Samsung has also said that the data is not being inappropriately being used in any way and neither is it selling said data. Its possible that most users did not pay attention to kind of access permissions the app required before installation, and it remains to be seen whether the FTC would launch an investigation in to this matter.

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