Sennheiser Announces New Additions To Its Momentum Headphone SeriesWhen it comes to audio equipment such as earphones or headphones, the Sennheiser brand is one that is pretty trustworthy and they have put out some decent headphones in the past that don’t cost a fortune. If you’re looking for a new set of headphones, the folks at Sennheiser have announced a new range of headphones that will be part of the company’s Momentum series of consumer headphones. The exact specifications of the new Momentum headphones remain the same as its predecessor although the big difference is that if you prefer a smaller profile, the newer Momentum models will be on-ear headphones versus over-ear.

The difference between those models, for those unfamiliar, is that on-ear headphones have the cups resting directly on your ear, while over-ear models basically cover your entire ear. Some prefer over-ear due to better noise isolation and the audio space it creates, while others prefer on-ear, but essentially it boils down to personal preference. Apart from the inclusion of on-ear headphones as part of its Momentum lineup, the headphones will also come in a variety of colors, such as pistachio, cream, blue, and pink. They’re expected to be made available later this month and they are priced at £169.99.

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