clangIt is not uncommon for many of the Asian cultures out there to have family portraits in a formal manner, especially during special occasions, but there is a danger of this particular tradition getting far more difficult to execute. There is one very good reason for that – in this modern day society, most folks have different plans that it can get pretty difficult trying to co-ordinate everyone into meeting up for a particular portrait session. Some members of the is becoming much harder to coordinate as more and more young people tend to move abroad in search for greener pastures. Well, photographer John Clang has decided to use technology in his favor, by coming up with a new series of photographs which will boast of an interesting solution to this particular problem, through the ingenious use of Skype webcam projections.

Clang managed to pay a visit to different individuals worldwide, where he had persuaded them to place a video call with other family members in Singapore. Through the clever projection of the feed onto a wall, the entire family could strike a pose, before Clang went ahead and shot traditional-style family portraits – never mind that some of the subjects had thousands of miles of separation between them. Neat, no?

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