Over the past few months we’ve seen a real life blacksmith recreate weapons from video games, such as the Kingdom Hearts’ Keyblade and the Minecraft Diamond Sword. Well blacksmith Tony Swatton is back in another episode of Man At Arms, and this time he tried his hand at creating a replica of the Orcish Battleaxe from Bethesda’s immensely popular RPG, Skyrim. Once again as usual, the video shows Swatton going through the motions of creating the weapon from scratch, showing the design process and the actual forging of the battleaxe itself. In fact, Swatton seemed to have gone the extra mile with this piece in an effort to make it look like it was forged by an orc himself, making it look as crude as possible.

He stated that since if orcs were real, they might not necessarily have access to a belt grinder which meant that they would have to use an axe to shape the wood of the handle of the axe, so he used the belt grinder to give off that effect. The end result is impressive and we’re not sure if Swatton has any plans to sell any of his arsenal, but if you a few minutes to spare, check out his work in the video above!

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