sony-a77We’ve been hearing rumors about a certain Sony full-frame NEX camera which supposedly could be announced later this year, but what about 2014? Is it too early to start wondering what Sony could have in store for us then? Well if you enjoy staying ahead of the curve, we’re more than happy to oblige because according to sources who spoke to Sony Alpha Rumors, it seems that come 2014 we might be able to expect Sony to announce five new A-mount cameras! It is possible that some of these cameras could be announced this year but only released next year, so maybe they won’t be “new” new.

Their source has revealed that three of the cameras will be of the APS-C variety, and the remaining two will be full-frame devices. The APS-C cameras are speculated to be the A59, A69, and the A79, although the full-frame models remain unknown at this point in time. Supposedly these cameras are also expected to be pretty “forward” in terms of tech advancements, so we guess if it’s true we can expect more than just an upgrade in specs. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but it definitely sounds like Sony has quite a bit to share with the masses!

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