spotify-winThere was an earlier tweet today by Joe Belfiore, the key person where Windows Phone is concerned, where he teased us with an update of the acclaimed music-streaming app Spotify. Of course, the very same Joe Belfiore also posted images of photos taken by the yet unreleased Nokia 1020, but that is another story altogether. Needless to say, the Spotify app has finally decided to shed the beta tag, where it will now offer support for additional languages, in addition to promises of improvements to the offline playlist listening experience, with the ability to now boast track scrubbing for those moments when all you want is to replay that one part of a song – timeless, over and over again.

This particular update will definitely appease a whole lot of folk, where there has been plenty of discontent due to the presence of some bugs still hanging around. Of course, this discontent makes sense, since majority of the Windows Phone users were left out in the cold most of the time, while their friends who ran on iOS as well as Android operating systems were on the receiving end of additional features and updates with each update released. At the very least, Spotify for Windows Phone 8 has finally dropped its beta tag, so enjoy!

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