sprint-htc-8xtIt was just sometime last week when we talked about how the HTC 8XT will be made available over at Sprint from July 19th onwards from as little as a Benjamin, and here we are, a couple of days away from that fateful date. Sprint looks set to keep up their end of the bargain as they have already put up in place the support page for the HTC 8XT. Now this will be very different from most of the other handsets released by HTC and are available on Sprint, since it will not dance to the Android tune, but rather, would jive to the strings of Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone 8’s unique position in the mobile operating system industry is this – it does not specifically need high powered processors with too numerous cores to count in order for it to run smoothly – something mid-range or even deemed as entry level in the eyes of others are good enough for a smooth operation. Similar to other Windows Phone 8 devices, the Sprint HTC 8XT will not have the level of customization that Android has, but at least you can still personalize things to a degree using various sized live tiles and exclusive apps. [Support Page]

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