It seems that we are moving more and more towards a world where humanoid robots are going to take their place under the sun. Honda’s ASIMO has spearheaded this effort for quite some time already, but we are still far from achieving the kind of robots seen in the Terminator movies. Heck, coming up with a T-800 is difficult enough, what more a liquid computer robot? Well, one attractive thing about robots that are depicted in science fiction movies would be the gleaming silver that they come in, and they do not come any shinier than the good ol’ T-800. Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries might come close though, with what they have dubbed the “world’s first stainless steel robot” that boasts of up to seven degrees of movement.

Specially designed to function in the company’s pharmaceuticals division, the robot has a stainless steel outer shell that makes it easier for decontamination procedures in clean rooms under the use of hydrogen peroxide gas. It would be nice to see future humanoid robots don such a shiny and clean exterior, don’t you think so? They aren’t so hot on the battlefield this way though, since the reflection from the sun gives away their position immediately.

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