Playing StarCraft 2 undoubtedly requires a lot of skill, so much so that the game and its predecessor have both enjoyed the competition circuit and are part of eSports. Well the good news for StarCraft 2 gamers who take the game pretty seriously in the competitive sense, Blizzard will be rolling out patch 2.0.10 this week which will be adding your usual bout of bug fixes, balances, along with some new eSports features and even a color blind mode that will assist players who might be afflicted with the problem.

Blizzard has updated the UI that will allow players to customize the Observe Interface and let them choose between a more detailed layout, or a more lightweight one. The new UI will also support additional zoom levels that will allow observers to gain a wider perspective along with a “Units Lost” overlay. Scrubbing the replays has also been made easier as Blizzard has made some improvements that will allow observers watching replays to find particular areas within a multiplayer match. If you’d like to learn more, you can hit up the official StarCraft 2 blog or check out the video above for the details.

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