I am quite sure that many of us were awed by the special effects that Michael Bay’s Transformers showed over the past three outings on the silver screen, never mind that the storyline itself and acting (is it just me, or do you realize that Shia LaBeouf does a whole lot of screaming and stuttering all the time?) are rather suspect – it is a visual feast of special effects for sure. If only there was a shard of AllSpark nearby, you could power up your household appliances and ride, never having to pay for gas ever again once your car is “alive”. Well, here is an effort by Brooklyn artist Chico MacMurtrie who decided to take a classic French car from Citroën and transform it into a real life Transformer that stands proud at 60 feet tall.

He calls it the Totemobile, and in car form, the Totemobile will stash away nearly 50 interdependent machines of different functions, and all of them are tracked by more than 100 sensors throughout the robot’s transformation. The Totemobile has been designed for display in Citroën’s showroom at 42 Champs-Élysées in Paris.

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