One can often find people lamenting about their experience with the TSA at airports all around the country. They are tough, but that is certainly a part of their job as it is up to them to ensure that no prohibited item makes it way on a plane. There are strict rules against prohibited items and travelers are often advised before they enter security about what they can and can not carry with them. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that the TSA doesn’t get to confiscate something every once in a while. They have a new official Instagram account on which the TSA is posting pictures of some said items that are not allowed on planes.

The first photo on this Instagram account was posted on June 28th, showing the various fireworks that people had tried to carry on. They’ve also posted pictures of grenades, daggers and pistols all of which were confiscated from people who most likely had every intention of taking these items onboard. This account’s authenticity can be judged by the fact that its link has been tweeted several times by TSA’s verified Twitter account. Head on over there to see these items for yourself.

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