turtlecellFor most of us, we never forget to leave home without our wallets or purses, keys, and our phones. Sometimes we bring along earphones, and sometimes we don’t, but what about those times when you wished you had earphones but didn’t bring them with you? Well that’s where the TurtleCell iPhone case comes in. The case is your standard fare iPhone case, but here’s the kicker, it will actually come with a pair of retractable earbuds so that if the need arises, you will be able to pull out the earphones and enjoy some music or videos while waiting on a friend or while commuting home.

Of course with the added earphones it does not make this particular case very thin, but we guess thinness will not be its selling point. The earphones can be disconnected by pressing one of the buttons on the case which will allow you to hear calls from your phone’s speaker, or if you wish to use your phone’s speaker instead of the earphones. As it stands the case is a Kickstarter project and will be compatible with the iPhone 5 and 5th gen iPod touch, although its creators are planning support for non-iPhone devices in the future. It’s a pretty good idea and while we can’t speak for the quality of the earphones, we’re sure that there are audiophiles out there who might appreciate it more if they could use their own earphones instead.

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