UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office has written to Google demanding it to change its privacy policy, the ICO has found it to not be in compliance with the UK’s Data Protection Act. ICO had launched an investigation in April after Google updated its privacy policy, the purpose of this investigation was to ascertain whether the policy was in compliance with the Act. The investigation ended today and its verdict isn’t in Google’s favor.

As it stands right now, Google has been demanded to make changes to its privacy policy by September 20th. A ICO spokesperson has said that the policy raises “serious questions” about the company’s compliance with the UK Data Protection Act. What will happen if Google doesn’t comply? They’ve been told to amend the policy so that its more informative for individual service users. If this is not done by September 20th, the failure will “leave the company open to the possibility of formal enforcement action.” On the other hand, Google has said that their privacy policy respects European law and that they have and will continue to engage fully with the authorities involved in this process.

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