vine-iosVideo for Instagram was announced not too long ago, and since that announcement, we saw the number of Vine shares over Twitter drop, although it remains to be seen whether this is a permanent trend or just a temporary blip as such a thing can happen to existing powerhouses whenever a new player arrives at the scene. Well, Vine is certainly not going to take things lying down with their belly exposed, as they have introduced an update to its iOS app by throwing in additional features such as a new camera.

The spanking new camera has been redesigned in such a manner that it will allow the user to frame shots, making life easier for you to perform animation on the site. This is a crucial aspect to have, especially if you are trying to make some Jason and the Argonauts shots come alive. Not only that, you can now also focus your shot, while the camera gets a grid to boot. Lacking followers? Fret not, the update would make life easier for you to gain followers, while there is also the addition of 15 channels for you to post your 6 second looping video. [Vine for iOS app]

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