We’re sure you’ve played your fair share of first-person shooters, or at least have dabbled in a few of them to realize they’re not your cup of tea. Either way, people have shot off enemy’s limbs, blown them up to smithereens, and just outright slaughtering anything that may look at you the wrong way. But one thing we know you never wondered is who is the poor schlub that’s stuck with cleaning your mess when you move on to the next level of your first-person shooter? Wonder no more as Runestorm is introducing their latest title, Visceral Cleanup Detail.


Visceral Cleanup Detail is a first-person janitor simulator in which you move through a space station after an attack kills a number of the station’s crew. Luckily, a hero comes along and kills the entire alien population that was threatening the space station, but unfortunately, the hero didn’t clean up any of his mess.

As the janitor, you’ll make your way through the space station to clean up pools of blood splattered all over the place, round up ammo and collect random pieces of meat, limbs and anything else that could have blown off of enemies during their battle.

Visceral Cleanup Detail is currently in its alpha phase on the PC, but it’s available for download for those of you who want to check it out.

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