windows81peopleapp_web_4What do we know about Windows 8.1 so far? Well, we did talk about how Windows 8.1 smart search results will show off Bing ads that could prove to be annoying to some folk, while DirectX 11.2 is said to be exclusive not only to Windows 8.1, but to the Xbox One as well. Here we are with additional information on Windows 8.1, especially after some screenshots that depict what the Windows 8.1 People and Calendar apps would look like when they finally roll out.


Chinese language site (somehow the sites that get the good leaks tend to be Chinese, Russian or Vietnamese, and I am not quite sure why) depicted how the People app is on the business end of a user interface makeover, where clicking on a contact’s first letter will change the look of the filter. Apart from that, it seems that a search box inside the updated People app will be part of the make up, while the contact page for each profile has also been revamped.

As for the Calendar app, not much changes are expected in the user interface, although it is tipped to arrive with a “What’s Next” feature which will let you see the next series of events on the calendar itself.

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