windows-8.1-start-screenHow has your Windows 8 experience been so far? Were you one of the early adopters who decided to throw your lot with the unknown by picking up a Windows 8 powered device, only to be delighted with the touchscreen capability of your spanking new device, or were you one of those who mourned the passing of the Start button? Well, it has been a fair number of months since Windows 8 hit the scene, and here we are with an impending update that is about to roll out for the operating system, coming in the form of Windows 8.1, naturally. Microsoft claims that OEMs will be able to wrap their fingers around the Windows 8.1 update by the end of August, which is just slightly more than a month and half away.

Windows chief Tami Reller, who happened to speak at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, did announce the RTM timeframe, which would give manufacturers more than enough time to prepare their new slew of systems to meet the mad holiday rush. There has been a Windows 8.1 preview which had been made available for download over the past few weeks already, and for those who have given it a go, how does Windows 8.1 enchant you? Did it leave you besotted? We do know that Flickr and Facebook integration are no more in Windows 8.1 though.

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