World Of Warcraft Loses 600k Subscribers In The Past Four MonthsBlizzard’s MMORPG, World of Warcraft, has been around for many, many years, with some gamers actually criticizing the game’s graphics for not being as up-to-date compared to newer MMOs, and also the fact that Blizzard has “dumbed” the game down to appeal to new players, but it seems that despite Blizzard’s best efforts, it looks like the game is continuing to hemorrhage subscribers and over the past four months, it has been reported that the game has lost about 600,000 subscribers, bringing the total number of players to 7.7 million.

If you’re wondering how Blizzard defines “subscribers”, it basically refers to accounts who have either paid a subscription fee, or have an active prepaid card, essentially an active account. They also count players who have accessed the game over the last thirty days as “subscribers” as well. While 7.7 million is still a pretty impressive figure, it should be noted that the game during its peak had over 12 million subscribers. In any case given how old the game is, we guess it’s not that surprising to see it lose subscribers over time, although hopefully with the next expansion Blizzard will be able to halt the leak just a little bit.

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