Microsoft’s head of all things Xbox, Don Mattrick, is reportedly leaving the company in order to move on to a new position at Zynga, according to multiple sources. If the news turns out to be true, we can expect an announcement as early as today.

We think it’s safe to say Microsoft didn’t have the best showing at E3 2013 as the price of their Xbox One was undercut by Sony’s PlayStation 4 by $100 and they received the wrath of the Internet when they announced they would be attempting to take on the used game market with the console’s tagging system which would allow a game to be sold only once.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the Xbox One originally required to check into Microsoft’s servers once every 24 hours, although the company soon reversed its decision to make its mandatory check in to only occur when setting up the console as well as treating physical copies of games how we currently treat them, making it possible to trade and sell a game to as many people.

All of this occurred during Mattrick’s time as the head of Xbox, so hopefully if this move turns out to be true, Microsoft will put someone else in place of him to hopefully better guide the company’s gaming business.

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