xbox-one-designBack in June it was reported that the Xbox One would only be seeing a release in Asia come 2014. At that time the Asian countries listed included Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and India, with no mention to Japan. Well as it turns out it looks like if our readers in Japan were hoping for some special treatment from Microsoft, you’re out of luck. When asked by 4Gamer as to why Microsoft was not willing to mention when the Xbox One would launch in Japan, Microsoft Japan’s VP, Yasuyuki Higuchi was quoted as saying that Japan was considered to be a “tier 2” country by Microsoft, meaning that just like the other countries in Asia mentioned above, the Xbox One will only be seeing a release in 2014. This does not bode well for Microsoft’s sales in Japan, especially since their competitors from Sony will most likely be capitalizing on this and grabbing market share whilst Microsoft sits it out at least for the time being. What do you guys think? Why is Microsoft delaying the launch of the Xbox One in Asia? Could it be some legal issue, or do you guys think that Microsoft is more interested in the US and European markets?

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