XiaoMi Mi3 Launch Delayed To September (Rumor)

xiaomi-specsWe did have pretty high hopes for the XiaoMi Mi3 smartphone, where even as recent as this morning, the folks over at XiaoMi did show us a glimpse of what could be in due time, where a red cloth covered a new, unreleased device. Most folks would have placed their money on this yet to be unveiled device as the XiaoMi Mi3, where in the past, it was spotted on an AnTuTu benchmark bearing the NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor. However, the latest bit of rumors making their way from China pointed out that the XiaoMi Mi3 will in all probability, drop Tegra 4 due to issues with the chipset, not to mention the smartphone will also be delayed to September.

Apparently, talks between XiaoMi and NVIDIA have broken down because both parties could not arrive at an agreement, and this has led XiaoMi to turn to Qualcomm to provide a processor solution, so who knows, we might end up seeing the XiaoMi Mi3 run on the Snapdragon 800 chipset instead down the road. Are you disappointed to hear of the XiaoMi Mi3’s delay?

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