hightailYou know that a particular online service can be said to have “made it” when it appears on all the major mobile operating systems, Windows Phone included, and YouSendIt is one of them. Have you ever used YouSendIt before? It is interesting to note that YouSendIt was first founded in 2004, which would make it a “senior citizen” by Web 2.0 standards, and since then, it has picked up approximately 43 million users along the way. Well, it seems that the service will no longer be known as YouSendIt, but rather, it will be called Hightail, which is said to project a sense of a straightforward nature in assisting them in storing and sending data over the Internet.

It seems that the change of YouSendIt to Hightail happened because the company has changed its offerings over time to move beyond just the “sending” of files, and these changes can be attributed to selected acquisitions in addition to organic product development, and the identity change will hopefully reflect its modern identity. Which name do you prefer better – YouSendIt or Hightail?

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