zynga_sign_gettyimages-594x250A company’s customer service can sometimes make or break the reputation of the firm. After all these are the people you turn to for help when there’s something wrong with the product, and if an inadequate response is given, customers could lose faith in the company and might start seeking alternatives. In Zynga’s case it looks like they might have accidentally dropped the ball for the customer service for one of their games, Coasterville. The game asked players to email a certain address @themepark.com if something went wrong. The kicker is that the address did not belong to Zynga, or a Zynga employee, but rather someone who doesn’t even play Zynga games to begin with.

It belongs to a man called Eric Mueller who used the domain for his website design firm. He initially pointed out the error to Zynga and when they did not respond swiftly, Mueller decided to take it upon himself to reply the flow of emails he was getting from disgruntled Coasterville gamers who were having issues with the game. His responses are pretty funny, with one of them being, “So you would post “I LOVE POODLES AND NOODLES” on five friend’s Facebook walls. I’m assured by the engineers that this will do the job.” We’re not sure how many of these customers actually followed Mueller’s advice, but Zynga has since fixed the error.

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