gamestop-blue-ps3All right, so we do know that the Sony PS4 is on its way to being a gaming console blockbuster, with reports trickling in that the number of pre-orders for the Sony PS4 is a whole lot greater than the PS2 and PS3, but does this mean that the Sony PS3 has no more life left in its legs? Apparently not, as there is always the lucrative “developing markets” segment for any company worth their salt to look into, and here we are with word that a 250GB PS3 will be available as a GameStop exclusive. Now, what makes this particular 250GB PS3 so special compared to the rest?

It happens to be a Japan-only model in the past, arriving in “azurite blue”, where it will be accompanied by a 250GB hard drive, a matching DualShock 3 controller as well as an accompanying $249.99 price tag, which does make you wonder whether anyone would want to pick up the $200 12GB PS3 bundle from now on. Pre-orders for this game console that is a favorite of the Smurfs will open from tomorrow onwards, and these are set to arrive at the GameStop brick and mortar stores from October 8th onwards. Just which particular color of the PS3 is your favorite?

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