got-dock3D printing technology has definitely come a long way, and each day that progresses, we are moving closer and closer to the day and time when the man on the street is capable of producing his or her 3D printed goods without breaking the bank. Fernando Sosa happens to be in charge of a custom 3D printing business, where he has offered to churn out models, prototypes and replicas of new products. In fact, on his website he has put up a fair number of jaw dropping samples, where they range from a cyborg spider to a pair of Dappeath Star Christmas tree ornaments, and of course, his crown jewel – a Game of Thrones iPhone dock, which allows your iPhone to sit atop the Iron Throne in a majestic manner.

The thing is, you are unable to purchase one, since HBO has already sent Sosa a cease-and-desist letter, touting that the throne itself its intellectual property, and obviously nuPROTO will not carry any form of license to sell it. Sosa has made attempts on his part to determine just who has the license to sell it, or how to get one of these licenses for himself, but has run into a brick wall each time. Having said that, he then had to refund money to all the customers who purchased one prior to HBO’s cease-and-desist letter. Sosa lamented to Wired, “That throne, it took me months to make. I modeled every sword, it was really a lot of work.”

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