Additional GTA 5 Special, Collector’s Edition Details And Screens Emerge


Rockstar Games revealed both the special and collector’s edition of Grand Theft Auto 5 earlier this year, which both versions feature some pretty sweet swag, both digital and actual real-world goods. Today, Rockstar has released additional details and even some screenshots in regards to both the special and collector’s edition of Grand Theft Auto 5, so let’s get to it, shall we?

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Both the special and collector’s edition will feature much of the same content, which includes the .50 Caliber Pistol, Bullpup Shotgun and the Hammer, which is said to be quite the brutal melee weapon. Both versions will also include a number of bonus outfits, tattoos, a special haircut and facial hair look. Owners of both versions will also be able to use a special ability boost for each character, with Michael being able to use an expert marksman skill, Franklin can use an ability to slow down time while driving, and Trevor can activate a rage ability that causes double damage while taking half as much damage when hit. The last bit of content both versions will share is the Stunt Plane Trials.

For those picking up the collector’s edition, you’ll be given access to unique vehicles and garage property in Grand Theft Auto 5 that includes the CarbonRS sports bike and Hotknife, which is a 1930’s style hotrod. Collector’s edition owners will also be able to use additional custom characters in Grand Theft Auto Online, which includes Niko Belic from GTA IV and Claude and Misty from GTA III.

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