We’re sure that BlackBerry, iOS, and Android users are aware that BlackBerry’s BBM will be making its way onto iOS and Android before the end of summer, and while BlackBerry has yet to share a specific release date, we have seen leaked screenshots of the app in action on Android. However it seems that in the wake of the hype, fake BBM apps for Android were spotted and it looks like yet another one has made its way onto the Google Play store. Calling itself “BBM”, it was created by BBM Droid and it actually costs users money if they wanted to purchase and download the app.

Given that this is not an official app, we’re surprised there are some out there who have actually bought and downloaded the app. According to the app’s description, it tries to “educate” users on how to “properly” install the app which basically requires the user to download another app. We’re not sure what exactly the app does when it installs itself on your phone, but it definitely is not worth finding out, so stay clear! BlackBerry will announce when they officially launch the app, so anything you see before then is almost certainly a fake, so be sure to check back with us regularly as we will keep you updated on the app’s status.

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