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Another Samsung Galaxy S4 Reportedly Burnt While Charging In Pakistan

gs4-usb-chargerSmartphones these days do seem to have a higher rate of burning up – no idea as to whether that can be attributed to the charger or the manufacturing quality (or rather, the lack of it) of the handset itself. This time around, it is some dude’s Samsung Galaxy S4 that is involved in the latest fiery incident, although Pakistan would be the geographical location of choice this time around. Apparently, the owner of the Galaxy S4 noticed that the USB port on the smartphone started to burn up during the charging process, which was the second time (!) that it happened this month. Obviously the USB port was damaged, but at least no apartment or building got burnt down in the process.

Assuming that the fault of this lies with the manufacturer themselves, then Samsung definitely has an issue on their hands – as I would like to think that even a solitary case is one case too many. Needless to say, strict quality control will need to be maintained all the time, considering the vast number of Galaxy S4 smartphones that Samsung has already moved to date, and will continue to do so in the long run. Hopefully this will be the last reported case.

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