apple-silent-party-patentWhat do you need when it comes to hosting a great party? Well, you would obviously need a fantastic host to begin with, great food and enough booze to flow all night long, and of course, music. The right kind of music can send your party into the kind of groove that you have always dreamt up of, and it is the perfect scenario where Hollywood movie parties are depicted. Apple might want to have a say in how you could kick off something different in a large scale manner – headphone parties, or silent discos if you will. The company has just been granted a new patent that would let the user share the tempo of a master track with other devices which have been “invited” to a party, and these connected devices will pick similarly paced tunes on their own and synchronize their playback.

The other “attendants” to your party could make up part of an ad hoc local network, but the beauty in this particular idea is the fact that it will also work just as well whenever folks are separated by miles. Apple has even proposed to throw in a social networking element which would enable aspiring DJs share their avatars and other different identifiers. Will such a patent ever be part of Apple’s future products?

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