icloud-downWhile there are many advantages to storing your files on the cloud, one of the main drawbacks would be unreliability – as in, you can never quite tell just when Murphy is going to strike, and you are unable to access those stored files because the cloud service is down. Of course, the same can be said of stashing your files on a physical hard drive, as it could fail you at the most crucial of moments. Regardless, it is best to have the same file stored on both platforms – just in case. Apparently, Apple’s iCloud services were down earlier this morning, where it affected approximately 3 million iOS users – numbering around 1% of the total. Those who were affected by the downtime would have found it nigh impossible to retrieve images from the photostream, to back up applications and data, or even to access documents that have been stored away on the cloud.

Apart from that, sometime late last night Apple did take note that creating new Apple ID’s is not a possibility for everyone, and thankfully, that particular issue has been fixed since. I guess the downtime of a server happens to even the best of them once in a while, and in Apple’s case, it has already gone down several times. Of course, other players such as Microsoft and Google are not exempt either, having experienced their fair share of severe outages in the past, too.

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