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Borderlands 2 Game Of The Year Edition Confirmed For October 8 Release

borderlands 2 goty edition

We think it’s safe to say 2K Games & Gearbox Software’s Borderlands 2 has been deemed a huge success by gamers who appreciate the titles mix of first-person shooter elements along with role-playing game features. Since its release, we’ve seen a number of downloadable content, such as the Krieg the Psycho¬†and Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, but if you purchase the game now, you’re going to be spending a ton of cash on the game and its additional DLC. That’s why 2K and Gearbox Software will be releasing Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition on October 8 in North America and October 11 internationally.

The Game of the Year Edition of Borderlands 2 will retail for $59.99 and will include the main game, along with all of its previously released DLC, which includes Season Pass and Premier Club content. The full list of what will be available in the Game of the Year Edition of Borderlands 2 follows:

Whether or not the Vita version of Borderlands 2 will be receiving the Game of the Year Edition is still unknown at this time, although we’d be extremely impressed if 2K Games and Gearbox Software can make that much content fit into Sony’s handheld.

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