red-deathWhen it comes to the greatest weapons ever in FPS history, I am quite sure that certain iconic “greats” in the past does flit across your mind, from the double barreled shotgun in Doom II, to the Rocket Launcher in Quake, as well as the BFG from all Doom series, in addition to the Plasma Rifle from Half-Life, there are always classics here and there, and it can be pretty difficult to vote the best since it is extremely subjective in nature. As for Bungie who are working on their future open-world shooter Destiny, one of the latest things about the game that has been shared would be the Red Death gun.

The Red Death was conceptualized by Bungie artists Frank Capezzuto and Tom Doyle, where it is touted that this particular “exotic” rifle happens to be nearly a relic, which Doyle expounds, “Exotics are the legendary weapons of yesterday, hand-crafted by our ancestors and left strewn about the system. Scoring one on a mission of utmost importance marks the end of one tale for this implement of destruction, and the beginning of another. Like every element of our game, this weapon of old tells a story about the world that created it.” We cannot wait to see what kind of havoc can it unleash in the gaming universe, and will it stand the test of time eventually?

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