Canada Tests Stealth Snowmobile

loki-snowmobileWe have seen stealth fighter jets and stealth bombers in the past, but here we are with word that Canada’s military has started to test their $620,000 stealth snowmobile which relies on electric motors to sneak up on enemies. The new machines must be tested in a way against current machines for noise, speed, endurance, and being able make the switch to stealth ‘silent mode’ in a jiffy. Apart from that, since this is meant to be a stealth snowmobile, its full capabilities of the Arctic warfare capabilities remain under wraps as a secret .

The whole idea behind this stealth snowmobile is to enable troops to covertly operate in Arctic conditions, and each of these machines would cost a whopping $620,000, being one of the first few silent hybrid-electric versions of a snowmobile. So far, initial tests were carried out across different snow conditions at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, and according to the defence report’s requirements, “the prototype must be at least nearly as capable and reliable as a standard internal combustion snowmobile, while providing a significant noise reduction.” Solid Snake could have made good use of one of these puppies back in his first Metal Gear Solid outing on the Sony PlayStation, don’t you think so?

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