lg_1-0001818-13077If you own a pet like a dog, chances are a lot of things at home get chewed up. Newspapers, slippers, shoes, and etc., and it does get pretty expensive especially when chargers for laptops get their wires chewed through, which is what happened to Brian Richer of Castor Design. According to Richer, “my dog, lola, chewed though all of the magsafe cables in my house. i noticed that even though the ends were hanging on by a thread, they still passed power. eventually, i ended up with 3 or 4 adapters that still worked, but that i didn’t want to use with my computer. i didn’t want to throw them away, so, after some trial and error, i got them to power up some leds using the magsafe head.”

The end result is pictured above, a lamp (dubbed the Coil Lamp) that is powered by Apple’s MagSafe adapter. It is a pretty clever idea and a great way to reuse a product that most of us might have thrown out or taken back to the Apple store to replace (if possible). Unfortunately while the lamp looks pretty awesome, it is pretty expensive as well and will set you back a cool $950, but hey, the price we pay for nice designs, right?

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