chromecast-updateIt did not take too long for Google’s Chromecast dongle to be rooted right after it was announced, so here we are with word that Google themselves have hit back squarely this time around, by rolling out the Google Chromecast’s very first software update that will include a bunch of new software patches to fix selected bugs while improving security and reliability – which means the root exploit is no longer a viable route to take. Not only that, it is also said that this update will make the Chromecast a whole lot tougher to root.

Do take into consideration that Google will push this update over the Internet to the $35 Chromecast automatically, similar to how updates arrive on Chromebooks. For those who have rooted your Chromecast device, you will most probably find yourself losing root access in due time should you be unable to take preventive update steps. Well, I guess hackers will just have to find a different security hole to exploit in this exciting game of cat and mouse.

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