Is it me, or is the world of commercial 3D printing picking up the popularity stakes among the masses? After all, we did read that select UPS Stores will be offering 3D printing services, and a certain 3Dörtgen happens to be the first 3D printer store in Turkey for the general public to get their 3D printing kicks in. Well, for those who want to drop by the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in Washington, D.C., will have something else other than books to look forward to – with the presence of a new 3D printer there.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library has been on a path to build its Digital Commons, which was opened to the public last month, and since July 17th, it managed to receive a $3.4 million grant in order to modernize the library while improving its patron satisfaction. The 3D printer is its most recent addition, in addition to other tech amenities like a Skype station and an Espresso Book Machine, although I do wonder why a Skype station is there when a library is supposed to be quiet – perhaps only Skype messages can be sent? To use the 3D printer in the Digital Commons, one will need to fork out a $1 base fee as well as an additional $0.05 per gram, depending on the weight of the item that you want to print. Pretty neat, no?

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