One of the ways to be extremely famous would be to break a world record, or attempt something so audacious (more often than not to the risk of your life and limb), that no one else would have even thought of it before. Well, for the Red Clay School District, Monday evening proved to be an extremely memorable one as the world’s tallest Lego tower was unveiled. This particular Lego tower took months to complete, in addition to a fair number of days of painstaking engineering to ensure that this particular Lego tower will remain upright for quite some time. The number of Lego bricks required to prop the tower up numbered at over 500,000 units, and the entire shebang is definitely not light – we are talking about approximately 1,000 kilograms worth of Lego bricks, all of them painstakingly stacked up to exactly 112 feet, 11.75” in height.

That would make it taller than 10 stories in height, which in turn has made it the officially tallest structure which is made of interlocking toy bricks ever constructed – and it has been verified by the Guinness Book of World Records. What are some of the Lego projects that you think should be turned into a world record breaking feat?

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