diablo-3-logoOne of the features that Blizzard announced for Diablo 3 would be its PVP mode. Unfortunately with several patches later and with the Reaper of Souls expansion being announced, the PVP mode is still a no-show, although Blizzard did attempt to pacify gamers with a dueling mode, which let’s be honest is not quite the same thing. In any case what happened to the feature? Will it ever see the light of day or will it eventually fade away into memory? Well the good news is that it has not been completely abandoned, but the bad news is that Blizzard is still working on it.

Speaking to the folks at PCGamesN during gamescom 2013, the game’s director Josh Mosqueira was quoted as saying that in order for PVP to be released, it has to be “Blizzard quality”. Blizzard has been known to be sticklers when it comes to quality of their games and has pushed back release dates to fine tune their products, so hearing this comes as no surprise. According to Mosqueira, there are a couple of things that need to be taken into consideration.

“In Diablo, the core mechanics are really built around one character fighting scores of monsters, right? There’s a lot of control, a lot of AOE, and some of that stuff starts to not necessarily break down, but it starts to fray at the edges when you’re actually now focused on two people, or four people.” This sounds like it could be a lot of work for Blizzard which means there’s a good chance it might be a while before we see it, but what do you guys think? Will PVP ever come to Diablo 3 or do you think it will eventually be cancelled entirely?

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