Are all robots created equal? The answer is obviously in the negative, since some robots are capable of doing more than others. While most of us would see robots take over mundane human jobs at the factory, especially when it comes to packaging or performing a repetitive action over and over again for long periods of time, how about a little artistic license applied to the robot’s artificial intelligence? This is where the e-David welding robot comes in handy, where it is currently learning how to churn out perfect copies of paintings.

The creators of the e-David robot wants it to “grow” into a flawless mechanical forger. Instead of imbuing it with an artist’s soul (or rather, artificial intelligence), the easier and more efficient way of doing things would be to give it a “painter’s eye”. Now this is not going to be easy by any means, but it does translate to the e-David robot not having enough creativity deep within. Boasting a number of different brushes and a palette of two dozen colors, the e-David will always attempt to copy whatever painting it is given, regardless of whether it is a portrait, landscape, or an abstract piece of art.

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