fosNow here is another piece of wearable technology, but it has nothing to do with the likes of Google Glass. Rather, the Fos is a new kind of wearable LED display that was designed by Anders Nelson, and it will target athletes in particular. Just what does the Fos offer? Well, it will come with a panel that will hold a bright LED grid which can be programmed wirelessly, using your smartphone.

Do not worry about the Fos cramping your style, since it weighs less than a golf ball, and the panel will keep you visible as you sweat it out, while showing off relevant information such as your heart rate and the number of calories burned for others to check out. This custom embedded system will hold a powerful 32-bit microprocessor, flash memory, LED matrix driver and an efficient power supply. Right now, the Fos wearable LED display is a Kickstarter project, where it will come in varying sizes, depending on the amount of money that you decide to drop. Which particular sport or physical activity do you think that the Fos wearable LED display will be able to benefit the athlete the most? Coaches would definitely be able to help out their proteges all the more with relevant information shown off. [Kickstarter Page]

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